101 Tasks in 1001 Days

What is the 101 in 1001 challenge?  It’s 101 Tasks in 1001 Days.  Your tasks have to be specific and realistic.

I’m not going to lie to you.  Coming up with this list was rough.  I had to genuinely sit down and realistically map out things I could complete in two years.  That shit is hard!

Since I have this thing of saying I’m going to do something (and then don’t) this checklist will surely eliminate my horrible habit (or at least that’s what I’m hoping). 

This 2-year checklist is challenging me to get shit done.  And guess what? 

Challenge accepted.

Start: June 2nd, 2017
End: February 28th 2020

buy. {1 – 9}

  • DSLR camera (preferably this)
  • a coffee table
  • a ring light
  • a desk
  • a suitcase
  • a spa day
  • a treadmill 
  • a MacBook
  • a king sized bed.
create. {10 – 18}
  • a collaboration post with another blogger
  • a new about me page.
  • merchandise for my blog
  • a bodysuit (Thanks to @GirrlScout)
  • wall art for my Stranger Things Collection
  • a family of paper cranes for Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
  • a library of all my favorite books 
  • send a postcard to PostSecret
  • a YouTube Channel
culture. {19 – 24}
  • see a Broadway show in NYC
  • visit the Getty Museum
  • visit the Titanic Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Museum
  • see a concert at the Hollywood Bowl
  • listen to 15 songs from 1988 (the year I was born).
  • watch 5 films from 1988
collect {25-28}
  • the remaining Stranger Things Funko Pops
  • Goosebumps Memorabilia
  • a signed photo from James Wan
  • Red Death Artwork from Phantom of the Opera
fitness + running. {29-38}
  • comfortably fit into a size 4 pair of jeans
  • do Yoga every day for 1 Month
  • complete the 30 Squat Challenge
  • reach my goal weight
  • go running five days straight
  • join the 52 hike challenge
  • Complete the 5k Color Run
  • Take Kick Boxing Classes
  • complete the 30 day ab challenge(30/30 Complete)
  • take a spin class

food. {39-44}
  • bake an apple pie (crust and all)
  • cook a creole dish
  • grow my own vegetables on my outdoor balcony
  • make homemade donuts
  • make homemade jam
  • take a cooking class
give back. {45-51}
  • donate to the children’s hospital
  • buy coffee for a stranger
  • donate some clothes to a salvation army
  • feed the homeless on Christmas Day
  • donate clothes to a woman’s shelter
  • buy a box of books–donate them to an orphanage
  • host a giveaway on my blog
go without. {52-58}
  • the Friday the 13th game for three days.
  • BathBombs for one week.
  • Profanity for 1 day (ah. fuck.)
  • hitting snooze every day for a month
  • dining out for 2 weeks
  • cracking your knuckles for 48 hours.
  • sweets for 2 weeks
just because. {59-69}
  • get a tattoo
  • save 1,000 dollars in a year
  • get my nose pierced
  • get my photos taken by GirrlScoutPhoto
  • have a real Christmas tree
  • guest appear on a Podcast  That Strange Show
  • start a book club.
  • go on a San Diego Ghost Tour
  • see a movie at a drive-in 
  • watch all the horror classics in 3 days.
  • work with at least five brands
learn. {70-76}
  • how to plan piano
  • how to speak Italian
  • how to French braid my hair
  • how to belly dance
  • take a hip hop dance class
  • my ancestry
  • Photoshop
New Orleans Experiences. {77-80}
  • Visit Madame LaLaurie’s House
  • Go on a Swamp Tour
  • Visit the Museum of Death 
  • Visit Spirits on Bourbon Street
travel. {81-88}
  • to New Orleans.
  • to Monterey Bay
  • to Lake Tahoe
  • take the train to Solvang
  • to Portland
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • go on a cruise.
  • to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Hotel
write + read. {89-100}
  • write a Q&A blog post
  • 4 Books from Gothic Literature
  • write a collaboration post with a fellow blogger
  • read the Handmaids Tale
  • read Fast Food Nation
  • write three travel inspired blog posts
  • send 2 friends a handwritten letter.
  • write R.L. Stine a Letter
  • write a how-to blog post
  • read 13 Reasons Why
  • write a letter to my 50-Year-Old-Self.
  • complete my novel
…and finally. {101}
  • make a brand new 101 in 1001 list
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    2 responses to “101 Tasks in 1001 Days”

    1. ZomBexie says:

      This list has defiantly inspired me to create my own. If I lived in the US there is definitely a few I'd tag along on like see a drive in movie and visit Madame LaLaurie's house. I really hope you accomplish everything on this list! (:

    2. Meg says:

      You should definitely create one! I think it provides you with a clear strategy on what you want to do within a certain time period. I'm definitely going to do everything I possibly can to achieve it!

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