How I Lost 20 Pounds.

I’ve never been the healthy type.  During my hefty high school days, I consumed energy drinks, ate carbs religiously and only exercised when my coach on the swim team was yelling at me to swim faster.  I wore a size 16 in jeans.  I had a double D sized bra.  And I had an oversized backside (well, that’s still here, but whatever.)  I just didn’t give a shit. 

Two summers ago, I started a new job in Santa Monica.  The drive nearly killed me, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.  Upon starting my new job, I met my co-worker (and future friend) Christine (owner of CMG Events.)  Christine is the kind of person you want in your corner.  Bubbly, organized, genuine,  she had this energy of positivity that you wanted to be around.  And not to mention, she’s a morning person AND doesn’t drink coffee.  So in other words–she’s a magical wizard.  There was one thing that I admired among all the other loveable traits she possessed, Christine was fit.  She kept her body in check.  Signing herself up for such things like–kickboxing classes and circuit training, she lived the healthy lifestyle that I always dreamed of having but never fully pursued…

During one of our slow afternoons at the office, she and I started discussing diets I know, I know.  Every time I hear the word–I cringe.  There’s so many diets floating around out there and every one of them seem like a nightmare.  There was a point where I tried to count my calories and failed almost instantly.  That’s just no way to live.  And I end up being hungrier than ever.  If I were to take away one thing from all this–do what works for you and your body.  PeriodDon’t get me wrong!  There are people out there who do count their calories, macros, etc.  Great!  It just didn’t work for me.  In my opinion–it’s too tedious…

Since the word ‘diet’ has such a negative connotation, we began to coin the phrase ‘healthier lifestyle’.  She recommended that I should try the Paleo Diet (ahem, lifestyle).  Having never heard of the word, she explained to me that it was literally low to no carbs, protein, high intakes of veggies and fruit with no sauces, dairy, alcohol or oils.  It seemed daunting until she explained to me that she had done it for months and saw results.  Feeling pumped (and excited), Christine and I began our journey to this new lifestyle…

 I’m not going to lie–the first week was rough.  I constantly wanted to stuff my face with whatever bread based product that I could think of.  (Waffles to be specific).  But there was a way to work around things, Christine suggested a cheat meal once a week.  She emphasized that it wasn’t a cheat day.  Cheat Days ruin your overall progress that you’ve made during the week.  And I fully agreed.  Besides, I wasn’t about to do all this work only to toss it away on a full day of binging.  That just didn’t make any sense.  I picked my cheat meal day on Sunday because it was at the end of a week and occurred on my rest day.  Perfect, right?  I’d buy healthy snacks for my desk just in case I ever got the urge to snack on something while working.  I’d pack unsalted almonds which are packed with protein.  And if my sweet tooth was craving attention, I’d pack some almond butter (yet again, another Paleo approved snack).  I’d dream about that one cheat meal all week and it only made me work harder than ever.  My first cheat meal was a plate of Waffles at Norms Restaurant.  (I’m not joking).  Golden, Fluffy, Crispy, Buttery Waffles.  And let me tell you–it felt like the very first time…

In combination with our Paleo diet (sorry, fuck, lifestyle), we started looking into a workout regiment.  There’s been this insane hype with Kayla Itsines.  If you haven’t heard of her, let me drop some serious knowledge on you for a second.  Kayla is a personal trainer based out of Australia that has taken the social media world by storm with her workouts that obtain serious results.  Her Bikini Body workouts last about 28 minutes which are built to enhance your strength and endurance while boosting your confidence.  After doing some serious research and feeling confident in our abilities to achieve our fitness goals, Christine and I took the plunge and began our very own BBT (Bikini Body Training) program.

Taking the freeway before 6 am just to get to the Santa Monica pier before traffic (that’s how bad the traffic is), I would work the typical 8:30 am to 4:00 pm shift only to come home around 6:30 pm to eat dinner, workout and repeat the whole cycle all over again.  Monday’s and Wednesday’s consisted of Arms and Abs aka HELL ON EARTH.  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s were Legs and Cardio.  Friday’s consisted of a full body workout.  Saturday’s were structured for a full day of stretching.  And finally, Sunday my rest day/cheat meal day/Disneyland Single Rider morning were my rewards for all my sweaty efforts.  The workouts were tough at first and I felt 100% out of shape, but I had to continue.  I’d do my Jump and Sumo Squats in my backyard while listening to 90’s hip hop.  I’d structure my breathing while attempting to do a full set of Jump Rope (of which I’m absolutely terrible at).  I would complete three circuits of these workouts-every-fucking-day.  

I combined my Paleo meals with a meal replacement supplement which was targeted to increase weight loss.  I’ve been shopping around for a ‘weight loss shake’ for quite sometime and FINALLY stumbled upon one that not only worked but was super delicious as well.  Vi Shape (which you can purchase here) is a meal replacement shake that I would drink every morning with my coffee on the way to work.  I’d add the recommended scoops into my shaker, pour in one cup of Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk and shake it till ready.  In combination with my healthier eating choices and workouts, Vi Shape helped my overall goal.  If you do decide to purchase this remember that results aren’t going to occur naturally and you have to workout.  You have to put in the work.

To emphasize the most important part here–I did not cut corners.  I worked my ass off.  I stuck to my healthy eating choices.  I was always pushing myself to do better–to be better.  Don’t get me wrong–there were times that  I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say ‘fuck it’But I didn’t.  And the hard work paid off.  I‘m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  I knew that I needed a change.  I stopped bullshitting and I actually put in the work to get to where I wanted to be.  Each time I was on the floor of my room wondering if I should even continue–I told myself that I’m making more progress by putting in that additional sit up versus just sitting on the couch.  I had to have that positive mindset I had to believe in myself. 

By the end of the summer, I sat down and took a BMI (Body Mass Index) test.  In the past, my BMI had always registered as ‘overweight’.  I re-entered my new numbers and now my current BMI is ‘normal’.  It takes a lot to make me cry but as I sat there feeling successful in my fitness endeavors, I got choked up.  I couldn’t believe it.  I actually achieved what I set out to do.  I was normal.  I wasn’t overweight.  I was healthy, fit and most importantly–happy.  Instead of a size 16, I now sport a size 10.  I’ve never been a size 10 in my life.  It may have taken blood, sweat and tears–but I pushed through unbelievable barriers.  I was no longer that girl who was embarrassed by her body.  I’m proud of everything that I’ve accomplished.  I’m finally comfortable in my own skin and it feels fucking fantastic.


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P.S…I’m not a dietian NOR a personal trainer.  I am sharing what has worked for me and my body through (literally) trial and error. 

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