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If there is one thing that I’m most certain on is this; I LOVE to read.  Fantasy. Action.  Comedy.  Goosebumps.  Animorphs.  Captain Underpants.  The Wishbone Books.  Don’t judge me!  I had my fat little fingers on nearly every pre-teen book series in the 90’s.  Whenever a Scholastic Book Fair would visit our depressing school cafeteria, I would always, always purchase a book with whatever money my mom decided to give me that day.  I was 100% a bookworm.

My mother always told me that I was a talented writer.  It’s true.  The best writers; in fact, are readers.  All that reading had served a valuable purpose to my overall passion which is writing.

The reason why I blog is to evolve into a better writer and to connect with others who share the same interests.  Not to mention, I want to do something more fulfilling with my life instead of just working a mundane 9-5, Monday thru Friday desk job.  There’s more to life than just work.  And I strongly feel that I’m most certainly preaching to the choir with this one.  Blogging about my passions and what makes me happy helps me realize my full potential as a writer and what I can learn about myself.  You can find out more about yourself along the way which blazes a path to this wonderful thing called; self-discoveryThat’s why I’ve decided to blog.  

Following your passions should never be something you’ve put off to the side.  Unfortunately, I’m eating crow at this very moment because for the longest time I’ve done nothing BUT that. I’ve put my writing to the side because I thought to myself–

“Where is this going to get me?  What’s the point?  What’s in it for me in the long run?  Does it pay the bills?  Who cares about what I have to say?”

My nickname should have been changed to negative Nancy for harboring all that negative energy.  It’s sad to think that I let those questions stop me.  I closed the book on the very thing that brought me endless joy.  I‘m pretty sure all the creative folks out there are probably nodding their heads on this one.  And at one point we’ve heard it from our folks, our loved ones, acquaintances and so forth;

“How much does it pay you?”

“Does it provide benefits?”

“Why would you do that if it’s not going to make you any money?”

Constantly getting bombarded by all this negativity–it’s no wonder I stopped pursuing that passion!  Now, I’m not pointing the finger and sticking blame on all those individuals that contributed heavily to this issue.  I only have myself to blame.  I did the very thing that I shouldn’t have let happen: I let those comments get to me

And that’s when reality smacked me across the face and gave me a wake-up call.  A wake-up call to finally do what makes me happy and to finally pursue it in full force.  No matter how much negativity I get, I should just do it.  I’m putting in the work.  I’m the driving force behind this creative powerhouse that had been boarded up for so long.  I suddenly began to breathe in this unstoppable amount of excitement and gusto like some sort of crazed mad scientist.  Nobody can stop me now.  I’m going to do what I want.  We’re not on this earth forever and I’d rather lay in my deathbed knowing that I did something worthwhile instead of bowing down to someone else’s negative criticisms.  If they don’t like it–screw ’em.     

By having this blog and pursuing this passion at full steam ahead, I probably won’t stop hearing this adult jargon over and over again until I’m dead and buried.  Which is fine.  Whatever.  Everyone is entitled to their opinions just as I’m entitled to continue what I’m doing.  Simple as that.

If you’re passionate about something–just go for it.  What’s stopping you?  The only one in the driver’s seat here is you.  You ultimately decide what makes YOU happy.  And as Ru-Paul’s mama said,

“People be talking since the beginning of time.  Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”  

(I’m sorry.  I’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race.)  Don’t do what I did.  Don’t lock everything away.  Share it with the world.  The world deserves to know your creative side. You owe it to your inner child–that weird, goofy, tomboy with big dreams and aspirations.  Go forth and don’t fuck it up. 



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6 responses to “Why I Blog”

  1. Breeann says:

    I love that you incorporated RuPaul into your first blog entry. Keep following your dream Megan and write, write, write.

  2. Eliana Luna says:

    You slay! Very inspiring. I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to follow your dreams. I need to take note and jump back into film and write more scripts. Happy writing my friend.

  3. Meg says:

    Thank you so much for your support! I had to include Ru-Paul. He's amazing. Haha.

  4. Meg says:

    Slay mama, slay! Yes! The world needs your creativity! Get into writing scripts and just do the damn thing. I believe in you!

  5. I love that you have really broke down and described your struggle – a struggle that everyone goes through at one point or another. Society isn't easy on us. It beats us until we're blue, bloody, and defeated. It's up to us to get back up with our heads held high and our middle fingers higher. Thank you for giving us readers the confidence we need to achieve our goals. One day, I hope to be just HALF as talented as you in your writing.

    Can't wait to see more! <3

  6. Meg says:

    Seriously–are you trying to make me cry? Haha. Thank you so much for your endless support. I love you gurl. <3

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