Skincare for the Macabre: A Spa-Day from Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop!

One of my favorite things is self-care.  I’m a firm believer that you need to take a moment to focus on yourself and treat your mind and soul to a little rest and relaxation.  And if you can make that happen in your own home instead of spending a ton of money in some fancy spa–you’re all set to pampering yourself like a champ.  Not only is it a great way to save money, but there’s this weird satisfaction with realizing that you’re very capable of giving your skin the nourishment that it needs.

For the past few months, I’ve been given the opportunity to appear as a guest blogger for Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop.  A few years ago, I came across her small business and became obsessed with her products and her aesthetic as a whole.  Her shop provided everything that one would need to improve their skincare routine; body scrubs, face masks, moisturizing creams, bath bombs, perfume and more.  She puts a unique spin on her skincare line that speaks to ghosts and ghouls alike.  There’s even a ‘Wolfman Collection’ that allows men to take proper care of their beards!  Believe me, fellas, there is nothing sexier than a man who takes care of himself!

As a member of her team, I get to write various articles about the paranormal, horror movies, and anything else that pertains to the macabre!  I received a package of skincare goodies in the mail from Amanda.  And although I was pretty excited to dive into her products–I think my favorite part of this package was the card…

This card is everything. My heart is full.

Amanda truly cares about the well-being of her customers and the outcome of her products.  Her background as a licensed esthetician gives her the ability to craft skincare products that house natural ingredients and delicious scents that channel her love of horror for everyday use.  Each product inside the box that I received had all the benefits for an at-home spa day.  It’s been a stressful time for me these past few weeks.  Working full-time and feeling like my head is about to explode.  Preparing for my engagement photo shoot and all that goes into it along with other wedding planning duties.  Dealing with a hostile individual in my complex who’s been an absolute nightmare.    It’s like I kicked over a hornets’ nest and I’m being stung five billion times in the face.  I needed this stress-free spa day.

Before I dove into skincare, I generally just used body wash when I was in the shower.  I never explored the realm of salt scrubs mainly because I didn’t really know how to start, how often to do it, etc.  I didn’t really have the knowledge and know-how that went behind it, so like a normal, weird, creature of habit–I avoided it.  I’m relieved that I broke that mold and got around to trying new things.  With that being said, the Punishment of Krampus might just be my new skin-care go-to.  The scent of this black salt scrub is Pine Forests, Fires with Smokey tones.  Applying a small amount in my hand, I applied it as instructed in a circular motion on my legs.  Once that settled in and I was ready to rinse, my skin was left feeling incredibly smooth.  This salt scrub made my legs feel like a million bucks.

Next up in the box was Misty Day’s Magic Mud.  Out of everything in this box, I was extremely eager to give this a try.  This summer has been ruthless and my skin has been suffering from it.  My skin gets very, very dry during this time of year.  It becomes insanely itchy and uncomfortable.  So, believe me, proper skin care is crucial.

Upon the release of American Horror Story: Coven–I practically watched the season non-stop.  I’ve always been into witchcraft and the lore that surrounded it.  After I binge-watched the entire season, I fell in love with Misty Day.  I’ve always been fascinated with necromancy.  So, when Misty’s character was introduced–I fell in love with her immediately.  Not only was she a gifted witch in the show, she had an obsession with Stevie Nicks.  This lady was after my own heart.

I couldn’t wait to let the Misty Day’s Magic Mud do its work.  When I opened the jar, I took a few swabs of the mud and in a circular motion applied it all over my face.  The grey-toned magic mud was smooth against my skin and was cool to the touch.  My skin was silently screaming.  This mask can be used as a cleanser or as a face mask–so you’re pretty much getting two amazing spa treatments in one jar.  That’s magic right there.

Step One: Application

Step Two: Chill the fuck out

If you’re applying this as a face mask, be sure to let it sit for 15-20 minutes.  This stuff is intense.  I could feel my skin getting tighter and tighter.  It was like I had just got some botox injections–I’m totally fine with that.  Now, if you’re using it as a cleanser–you only have to leave it on your face for about 2-5 minutes.  Wash off and then pat dry.

My skin was practically GLOWING after I washed off the Magic Mud.  As promised, the mud mask left my face feeling baby-soft.  No dry skin.  And I was feeling very refreshed.  I needed this face mask.  Now, you can apply this mask, let it sit for a minute and then pat dry.  But since my skin is dry as sand, I decided to give my face that additional moisture.

I decided to use Spider Gates Corpse Cream.  I can’t get over the smell.  In a good way.  There are certain scents I’m attracted to.  Freshly baked cookies, fresh laundry, sizzling bacon and a fresh pot of coffee are the essentials to pleasing my senses.  Spider Gates smells like morning rain combined with freshly upturned dirt and I’m IN LOVE.  After I applied this to my face, I gently rubbed the corpse cream into my skin.  I was practically in heaven after this combination.

It’s no secret that I have some dark circles.  And I’ve got a bit of aging going on–but hey, I’m getting older so of course, it’s going to show on my skin.  And that’s not just me, that’s just for everyone in general.  Your skin takes a beating after being exposed to the sun.  If you’re a smoker or a drinker–believe me–that will drastically change your skin as well.

But I gotta admit–I saved the best for last.  The Light of Carol Anne Brightening Face Mask (based off the hit film Poltergeist) is the highlight of this entire haul.  Now, I’ve never used a Brightening Face Mask.  I was extremely unsure what the outcome would be and if it would truly live up to its’ title.

As instructed on the back of the jar, you can mix just a morsel of the powder into a small bowl.  And you can add whichever liquid you prefer.  I chose lukewarm water to mix and create my face mask with.  Now, I made a HUGE mistake and added way too much water and created a soup rather than an actual mask.  My fault.  Turns out, you barely need any water at all.  You need just enough to add some texture to create the right consistency to smear on your face.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes.


If you’re unsure of what the consistency should look and feel like with this face mask–I got a helpful tip for you.  Mix until you reach the consistency of oatmeal.  I know my face looks like a mess but believe me the face mask starts doing its work the minute you leave it on for the suggested time frame.  During the wait, the face mask was beginning to harden.  This is normal with any face mask really and the Mud Mask had the same effect.  All the nutrients in this mask are at work giving you the TLC your skin needs.

Once the timer goes off, you can rinse this face mask off by using a steamed towel.  I will say this–I always have an issue with rinsing off a face mask since there’s always some part of the mask that manages to get stuck in my hairline.  That’s the only messy part of this experience.  When you’re ready, wipe off the mask in circular motions and prepare yourself for the Light of Carol Anne!

If you love horror movies and anything to do with the macabre, you got to get your hands on these products!  Things have been absolutely chaotic for me these days.  Between work, wedding planning, and all my side projects–things have been non-stop.  Plus–the spookiest time of the year is finally here and my calendar is so full it’s ridiculous.  I needed this spa day.    We all deserve a break and a rest from the chaos in our lives.  Throw in a bath bomb, light some candles, turn on a horror movie and get ready to experience the ultimate spa day–you deserve it.



Stay Spooky.



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  1. Michelle Gil says:

    I’m all for anything that is witchy and cruelty-free skincare so hopefully, once all the products are restocked I will definitely get some!!


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